What Types of Problems do Students with Learning Disabilities Experience?

Learning disabilities are neurological deficits that restrict a person’s ability to learn a particular skill such as reading, writing, or math. People with learning disabilities will have learning issues that continue all through their lives, and they may also have trouble in both school and in their job.

Learning disabilities are often first noticed when a child begins to fall behind in class. Parents and teachers may notice that the child has trouble learning specific skills and they may have inconsistent academic performance. Additionally, some students who are very bright may only start to struggle when the material exceeds their capacity to compensate.

Living with a learning disability can be a challenge for both parents and students. In several cases, the child may have struggled for some time before a learning disability is formally diagnosed, but when it is, it can bring a feeling of relief to finally be able to understand the source of the child’s concerns. There are many school resources to help students with learning disabilities thrive including tutoring and academic support and special education programs. Additionally, individualized education plans can help the student meet his or her specific learning goals.

In order to diagnose a learning disability, a comprehensive evaluation is often required which typically includes a formal interview with the child and the parents, a cognitive evaluation to determine ability level, and an aptitude or achievement test to determine areas of strength and weakness. Additionally, specific measures may be used to fully assess deficits in reading, writing, and math.

If you suspect that your child may have a learning disability, it is strongly recommended that you seek a diagnosis early so that the student can receive support to help them achieve and maintain academic success. There are psychologists in Pasadena who specialize in learning disability assessments who can give you fast and accurate results and specific academic recommendations and support.


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